Martin Kaupp was born in Germany in 1952.
His fascination for art and photography took a hold of him at an early age. Once childhood left Martin behind he decided to follow his dreams and become an artist. He studied at the School of Art in Karlsruhe, Germany. During his time at the University, Martin worked in the SIHLER studio where he specialized in commercial products. Here is where he found his true passion for large format cameras; a passion that is now his life.

After working at the studio for several years and graduating from the University, Martin realized that his “art will always reflect the spirit of his heart” and that in order to create the deepest interpretations of his surroundings he would have to move on. His next stop was the Magazine “Burda Moden”, a fashion publication. While Martin was not occupied with immortalizing models on a picture, he worked as a journalist for one of the largest news papers at the time, the “Axel Springer Verlag.” His keen eye for the abstract and his craftiness landed him a huge success at this time in his life. But Martin soon realized that in order to be truly happy he would have to see the world and experience other cultures. He knew that through the impressions life throws at him, his art is born, so he simply began to travel in order to broaden the impressions.

In an interview Martin was once asked about the inspiration for his works and he replied ”I live life intensely I enjoy all the details and impressions it has to offer and with that feeling of freedom in my heart, I can create my own small freeze-frames of reality.” His attitude towards life and viewing it as an adventure led Martin to move from Germany to Ibiza, Spain where he threw himself in a new scene; the famous and glamorous. In the midst of all the European stars Martin began to explore his deepest artistic inspiration yet; the portray. Although the actual manifestation of his new feel for art didn't come into existence until much later in his life, it was here where it began to grow.

Martin soon realized that his insights into the Spanish culture were well received by many magazines and he signed up with Travel Time ad Globo. His unique style made it possible for Martin to travel the world and publish his findings in these new magazines. Martin’s artistic life has now taken him from Spain to Brazil, from Africa to Cuba, from Indonesia to Thailand and from the remotest parts of the Amazon Jungle, where he reported on the Kayapo Tribe to the glamorous parts of Miami Beach, Florida.

His many experiences gained Martin notoriety with many of Germany’s giants. TUI and Batida de Coco sponsored Martin a tour through Germany where he presented a summary of all his greatest adventures across the globe.

“I started my career as an artist in the 80th, when I published a book about Berlin. From the beginning of the Berlin project I have always had the desire to retouch my photos and add something else to them, which was rather difficult in the Analog times. The new digital age opens up completely new Dimensions, because now the limit is me and my creativity. I believe I have developed my own style; I call it Pop-Art-Photo-Painting, since it incorporated all four elements in one. I think this I am taking he next step into the modern world of artistry and design on the staircase that Andy Warhole began climbing at the end of last century.”

Now, settled in Miami Beach, Florida, Martin has come to manifest his deepest passion: the Pop-Art-Photo-Painting. In his own unique style and interpretation, Martin Kaupp has created some of the most abstract and surreal portrays of the worlds most known stars. Martins Art takes the common and transforms it into the abstract without losing its touch to reality. His approach to colors and depth is surely going to inspire you as well.